Starting point of this blog is being hypothetical. Don’t know where to start and how to start. Most of the time bloggers give so many ideas whether they are following it or not. I’m not going to do the same to our readers because it will be narcissism. Personally I wanted to feel safe where I roam alone in the city, walking home, riding back to office, and all the time. But I hate being watched in malls, restrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms. You people also hate being watched by the stalkers, unknowns, strangers, and all the nuisance.


We are living in a country where the safety issues are becoming mayhem every day. Girls got harassed, women get killed, children get kidnapped, Bikes and other valuable things got stolen. The feeling of being followed is terrific, being stalked by a stranger is an experience one couldn’t simply articulate. I am neither pointing you nor accusing you, because we are all the poor victims of the darkness in this lonely planet. I tend to write about this for all who want to feel safe and not want to be watched.


Let me come to the point straightly, we come across every morning with different stories of thefts, murders, so many victims and so many convicts from newspapers and social media platforms, daily.. Yeah daily.. You can’t scroll your newsfeed without watching a caught red-handed video. It is becoming one of our daily duties.  We used to don’t care about those stories unless it is happening in our own premises.   The burglar alarm will give vibration after any of these incidents occurred. We will search Google for hours and hours to find the best security cameras, dome cameras, PTZ, NVR, DVR, and bla, bla, bla. We do search only, then we will return back to ourselves from Sherlock Holmes for the sake to live same life without listening the lesson of being unsafe.


In modern days, every moment of our lives captured by DSLR, cellphone cameras, and the cameras you don’t aware of them. Those tragedy situations like killing someone, stealing something, molesting someone, and so many violence are not captured to save the victims and to get the sentences to the criminals…. Wait… what am I talking about? This is not the main stream of this blog. I over concern about the safety issues in India… No no… Not this time… I just started this one to tell you about the product manufacturers who are very good at providing worthy SSS. SSS- Security Surveillance Systems. SSS is not about the cameras but also the type of cameras, type of storage, videos accessibility and absolute 24*7 security.


Security cameras are generally known as CCTV cameras (Closed-Circuit Television camera), usually transmit video and audio through wires in the earlier stages of CCTV cameras evolution. Wireless technology replaces every messy connections with simple wireless receiver. There is no need to put the hole on your new house. CCTV camera only requires operating power, so it is powered by either battery or simple wire. Installation and maintenance cost are very low and these reasons make wireless cameras very popular among customers. Recent technologies simply expand the video accessibility through internet. Users can watch the live update about their surroundings via seamless video streaming over broadband wireless internet.


DVR helps to record the video for longer reference and the digital video format can be stored in memory card, SSD, Hard disk, USB flash drive and other mass storage devices. Embedded DVRs are designed for recording purpose only and come with its own operating system and application software. Hikvision, Dahua and CP plus are some great brands provide ultimate solution for all your security needs.

Some surveillance security camera providers do all installation and maintenance at your door steps to make security very easier. Year maintenance plans are available for you to take the sufficient changes with your security devices. Bontech computers from Coimbatore gives these services to their customers for more than 10 years. We help our customers to grow their business relationship as well as family relationship very well and secured. I will come around to tell you how to find the best camera according to your need and what the essentials you need to know while you are hiring someone to install the cameras. Until then be safe.

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